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5 Surprising Facts About Adult Scoliosis


Have you ever seen the sideways curvature in any child? It is a type of spine defect that usually develops in children before they attain the puberty. This spine disorder is called Scoliosis.

Although it is the most common defect in children, yet if you observe the forward or backward curve in the spine after the age of puberty, it is Adult Scoliosis. It is because you can detect the curve after the complete growth of the skeleton.

Introduction To Adult Scoliosis:

Adult Scoliosis is generally due to the twists in the spine. This twist leads to reflection of side to side curvature. This curve can either be very mild like 10 degrees or highly reflective that is more than 100 degrees. Most of the times, the cause of this disorder is unknown.

In the case of children, the treatment usually aims at fixing the curve, but for adults, the main focus is to get desired relief from its signs and symptoms.

Causes Of Adult Scoliosis:

The roots of adult scoliosis can be degenerative. It can be the result of two prime reasons:

  • Pediatric Scoliosis:

The type of scoliosis that strike your body in childhood, but is not physically reflective until you attain puberty. The signs and symptoms become more prominent after the patient is an adult.

  • Ageing:

Another cause of Adult Scoliosis is ageing. People generally face a problem in their spine with increasing age. At times, it leads to sideward curves resulting in scoliosis. This condition has severe consequences in comparison to pediatric scoliosis. In extreme situations, the result is acute pain.

Symptoms Of Adult Scoliosis:

Some Of The Significant Symptoms Of Adult Scoliosis Are:

  • Chronic pain in the lower back.
  • Loss of height.
  • Adult Scoliosis may lead to the uneven alignment of hips and pelvis due to asymmetry in the core muscular structure.
  • It also results in discomfort in legs while moving or any other physical activity.
  • Irregularity in the height of shoulders because of imbalance in the spinal cord.

Top 5 Facts About Adult Scoliosis:

Knowing about the signs and symptoms of Adult Scoliosis, we may panic about the risks and Scoliosis Treatment. But, before we make any further assumptions; let us read some interesting facts about this spinal disorder.

Interesting Fact 1: Adult Scoliosis Does Not Necessarily Need Surgery For Treatment:

It is possible to treat most of the diseases and disorders only through surgery. However, this is not the case with Adult Scoliosis. There are various deformities of scoliosis. The doctors do not aim directly at fixing the curvature in the spine, but their prime focus is that the patient receives a considerable relief in the symptoms of scoliosis.

The Scoliosis Treatment begins with medications and physiotherapy. In maximum situations, the patients can get satisfactory results with non-surgical treatment. However, if the condition is critical, the surgeon suggests the patient undergo an operation.

It is possible to fix some curves in the spine using Lumbar Decompression Surgery while the surgical procedures for other disorders can be different. The type of surgery entirely depends on the position of Adult Scoliosis.

Interesting Fact 2: Scoliosis Is Not A Hindrance To Physical Activities:

Scoliosis leads to significant and noticeable changes in appearance while there are least deviations in your physical movements. Higher physical activities and exercises can diminish the signs and symptoms of Scoliosis to a great extent.

All you need to check if you have perfect bone density and do not suffer from any other significant disorders. In case you are overweight, reducing your weight can help you get over the symptoms of Adult Scoliosis. You can move, play or take up with any other physical activity that interests you.

Interesting Fact 3: Smoke Provokes The Pain And Symptoms Of Adult Scoliosis:

We, as a layman, know that smoking is harmful to health, and it adversely affects our respiratory system. But, the side-effects of smoking doesn’t limit here. The researches and studies reveal that prolonged smoking can cause several diseases to your back and neck too.

At the same time, if you quit smoking, it can reduce the symptoms of severe disorders that strike your back or neck. While seeking medical treatment for scoliosis, you can considerably reduce the complications of Adult Scoliosis; if you give up on smoking. You can refer to as an effective home remedy that provides a satisfactory outcome.

Interesting Fact 4: Unlike Children There Exist Two Types Of Adult Scoliosis:

The doctors observe only a single type of Scoliosis in a patient before the age of puberty that is the Idiopathic Scoliosis. But, in adults, two different types of scoliosis are Idiopathic and Degenerative Scoliosis. Idiopathic Scoliosis is the one that strikes your body in childhood but reflects its symptoms in adulthood. Whereas, Degenerative scoliosis, is the spinal disorder that hit your body after puberty due to weakening of bones or displacement of the spine.

The treatment of idiopathic scoliosis is possible without the surgery, but in maximum cases of degenerative Adult Scoliosis, you need to undergo the surgical procedure.

Interesting Fact 5: Not All Types Of Adult Scoliosis Reflect Signs And Symptoms:

With ageing starts the deterioration of your spine and bones. This weakening may lead to several disorders or specifically increased number of curves rather than three natural curve in the backbone of a human body.

While some people say that the signs and symptoms of Adult Scoliosis depend on the size and location of scoliosis, yet there is no scientific proof to support the same. As per the surgeons, the signs or symptoms of scoliosis may reflect irrespective of any known cause.

Final Words:

Scoliosis is highly prevalent in children and gains more attention. The treatment of pediatric scoliosis is smooth and has successful results at the same time. For adult scoliosis, most of the patients need surgery and suffer chronic pain. Numbness, weakness and leg pain is the visible symptoms in Adult Scoliosis, and it is difficult to treat the disorder using medicines or physiotherapy. However, you can consult the doctor on the visibility of this type of disease and begin with the treatment as per the guidance to avail adequate treatment.

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