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  • Nov 02, 2019

Are You Aware of Top Lung Transplant Centre in India?


End-stage disorders in the respiratory system of the body require a Lung Transplant. It is essential to help improve the quality of life in some while for others; it is a necessity to avoid death.

It is a complicated procedure, and not all countries deliver successful treatment for the same. However, you can receive a satisfactory treatment in Lung Transplant Centres in India.

Well, to receive successful lung transplantation, the patients have to fulfil specific criteria.

What is the Process of Proceeding with Lung Transplant Procedures in India?

Following steps are essential to undergo Lung Transplant surgery in India

Patient Evaluation:

Experience a Lung Transplant procedure in India; the patient first needs to undergo an evaluation process. Evaluation process complete requires four sequential steps:

  • Review of the medical reports sent by the patient
  • The next step is the assessment under the surgeon. It is essential to determine if it is safe to perform the transplant on the candidate or not
  • Once the patient is fit for surgery, the surgeons evaluate that other procedures do not heal the lung disorder
  • As the surgeon approves the lung transplantation, it is revised by the multidisciplinary team.

It is necessary to evaluate appropriately as it is a very complicated process that is not suggested for everyone.

Lung Transplant Surgery:

If the patient clears the evaluation process, the doctor can proceed with the treatment. However, there are a few conditions for the same.

  • The doctors add the patient to the list of recipients in the hospital. He might have to wait for a few months to avail the treatment.
  • The recipient must be below the age of 70 years. Also, the lower age limit to be a donor is 18 years.
  • The receiver should not suffer from any significant health disorders apart from lung failure.

If the recipient satisfies the criteria, the doctor proceeds with the surgery. Depending on the medical condition, the doctor suggests for the single or double lung transplant.

  • The procedure is performed under the effect of general anaesthesia.
  • The operation time is of 8 to 10 hours.
  • The discharge time depends on the response of the patient to the surgery.
  • After the discharge from the hospital, the patient has to stay outside the hospital for periodic follow-up.

Post-Surgical Care:

After the surgery, the medical team at the Best Lung Transplantation Centres in India provide post-surgical care. It is essential for observation and to guide the patient for the dos and don’ts after the discharge.

Post-surgical care is essential to avoid complications after the surgery.

Final Words:

The success rate of lung transplantation is above 90 % in India. So, if you are looking forward to cost-effective and satisfactory treatment, plan your medical tourism to India.

It will help you recover at the earliest and avoid any side-effects. To know about the best doctors and hospitals in India, seek guidance under medical advisory companies of the country. It will reduce your recovery time and increase your life years.

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