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Best Cancer Hospitals in India - Top 5 Oncologist in India

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Cancer is an unfortunate disease, that is not confined to a particular consequence but can destroy a human body on all counts. It causes the cells in the body to divide rapidly and furiously. Cancer is not a single disease but can spread as tumours, can cause the breakdown of the immune system, anaemia, diabetes, depression, stress, immortality, and numerous other fatal pairings. So, look for the Best Oncologists in India who can help conquer this deadly disease and win life.

There are various types of cancers like mouth cancer, breast cancer, prostate cancer, basal cell cancer and many more. The treatment for each one differs from others. If a doctor detects cancer in patients, most of them give up on life, but some of them decide on fighting against this unfortunate disease.

Numerous people fought cancer and are alive. The favourable conditions to conquer cancer are new technologies, innovations, will-power of the person suffering and of course, the best oncologists in India, who are successful in providing a new life to their patients. The journey to fight cancer can be difficult but not impossible.

If you are a cancer patient or anyone in your family has cancer, you must have a look at the blog underneath to know about Best Oncologists in India.

Who Is An Oncologist?

An oncologist is a physician or doctor who works in the field of science called oncology. He put forward his professional practice to provide medical care and treatment of cancer.

Know The Top Cancer Hospitals And Best Oncologists In India:

If we talk about the treatment of cancer in India, you have a lot of options that provide you with quality care, successful recovery rates and the treatment at highly affordable prices. If we talk about the best cancer hospitals in India, it includes:

Apart from that, Chennai serves out to be the healthcare hub in India. It has a high success record in the healthcare industry. Be it for serving the patients within the country or treatment of the medical tourists to India. The top hospitals that are a good option as a solution to cancer include 

  • Apollo Hospital, Chennai and
  • Global Hospital, Chennai. 

All the hospitals mentioned above is a home for the top oncologists.

Best Oncologists In India:

  1. Dr Vinod Raina. (FMRI, Gurugram).
  2. Dr B Niranjan Naik. (FMRI, Gurugram).
  3. Dr Amit Agrawal. (BLK Hospitals, New Delhi).
  4. Dr Raja M A. (Apollo Hospitals, Chennai).
  5. Dr Bellarmine Vincent Lawrence. (Global Hospital, Chennai).

 No hospital ranks in top lists until and unless they prove to help in the best way. Let us know the unique features of these top cancer hospitals in India, that makes them the first choice of patients.

Features Of Top Cancer Hospitals In India:

Pediatric Oncology:

Children have been the primary concern for the treatment of cancer. However, since the past five years, it has been possible to have a good hold in pediatric oncology. Only 10% of surgeons have undertaken training in pediatric oncology, and all those Best Oncologists in India are serving in top cancer hospitals in India. The success rate of pediatric oncology says the survival percentage has grown up to 80% in the past few years. It is a great victory for Indian oncologists & we hope to have better furtherance in the same field.

Breast Cancer Solutions:

FMRI and other top cancer hospitals in India have the best results for breast cancer. The number of deaths due to breast cancer have reduced to a greater extent. It has been possible because of Best oncologists in India who have found out a solution. They diagnose the condition of a patient in depth to know if they are fit for chemotherapy or not. Not everyone can withstand breast cancer chemotherapy as it has numerous side-effects.

 The surgeons blend Functional magnetic resonance imaging with multivariate pattern analysis to treat the patient without chemotherapy. The doctor can then easily compare the difference in results of two treatments that is with chemotherapy and without chemotherapy. Also, you can check the patient who is in a healthy condition and the one who require more attention. In short, it helps you to receive the right treatment for breast cancer.

Lung Cancer:

It is the most common type of cancer that attacks human beings. Compared to any other kind of cancer, the surveys record the maximum number of deaths due to lung cancer every year. The country in which lung cancer causes the highest number of fatalities in the US. The results are irrespective of gender as both the men and women are the bearers. In the past few years, medical tourism to top cancer hospitals in India has increased to a great extent. We are happy that the extremely talented pool of oncologists is serving not only Indians but everyone across the globe.

Prostate Cancer: 

Most of the men are affected by prostate cancer. It attacks the prostate gland in men. It is possible to cure prostate cancer by using medicines if it is in the early stages and stable. As cancer remains confined to the prostate gland. But if it starts spreading at a rapid rate, it becomes difficult to cure.

Prostate Cancer can be fatal if it starts attacking different parts of the body. However, it is a great relief as the  Best Oncologists in India have a solution for all the problems of cancer. 

Apart from the treatment for various types of cancer specified above the best oncologists in India have expertise in dealing with basal cell cancer, leukaemia, Colon Cancer, lymphoma and all the other classes. It is possible for them to go ahead with the cancer treatment with the advanced facilities available in the top cancer hospitals in India.

Features Of Best Cancer Hospitals In India Provide You With:

  • Top-notch technology and upgraded equipment.
  • They facilitate testing, consultation, treatment and recovery under one roof.
  • Conduction of successful donor transplants wherever required.
  • Spreading awareness about government schemes available for the help of cancer patients.
  • Cyberknife systems are installed in first-rate cancer hospitals in India to give new hope to the cancer patients in India.
  • The best oncologists in India make use of stereotactic radiosurgery and radiosurgery for the treatment of cancer patients. 
  • You can also find special arrangements for food, living, and comfort for healthcare tourists.
  • Hospitals in India offer inexpensive treatment in comparison to any other country in the world.
  • The hospitals offer treatment and surgery from highly experienced, successful and best oncologists in India.

All the essentials that a patient may require before and after the surgery. You can engage in the post-surgery or activities and therapies too that enables you to have a smooth recovery.

Final Words:

In short, the best oncologists in India blend with the high rated cancer treatment hospitals to give satisfactory results and reliving options for cancer patients. Though there is a cure for cancer, if your habits and deeds are dragging you towards the deadly cancer disease, hold on. It’s always better to prevent than to get the treatment. You get your life once, live it in the best possible way.

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