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Brain Tumor - Diagnosis, Symptoms, Classifications, and Remedies

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Introduction To Brain Tumor:

Any machine can function properly only when all its body parts are working in perfect condition. Any kind of failure or malfunctioning of even a single part can lead to complete machine interruption. Same is the case with the human body. A single body comprises of many different parts, each part has is its own importance for the physical and mental well being.

All your body functions properly if your brain is in desired health condition. Though there are several diseases and conditions where your brain is not in a situation to give the expected response. One of the severe issues that are found in the human brain is Brain Tumor.

Now, what actually is a Brain Tumor? How does it affect your health? Is it fatal? What are the symptoms? How to recognize if someone is suffering from Brain Tumor? And all your queries are discussed briefly in the blog. Go through the entire write-up to get acknowledged to the health condition referred to as Brain Tumor.

What Exactly Is Brain Tumor?

Brain Tumor is one of the fatal or life-threatening conditions that occur in your brain. The brain in your head is enclosed in a highly rigid structure known as the skull. This space is highly restricted, any entries or growth in the restricted area can generate serious damage to the brain.

Brain Tumor is not of a single or particular form but it can be of different types. It can either be cancerous generally referred to as Malignant or non-cancerous which is called Benign Brain Tumour. Both of these can affect your brain conditions inevitably. As these conditions either the benign or the malignant grows inside your body, it puts a concerted pressure on the skull which may lead to the brain damage.

Either or not the brain tumor can lead to cancer. It can be basically categorized into two different ways.

Classification Of Brain Tumor

Primary Brain Tumor:

Its origin is your brain itself. Originating from the brain it progresses towards other parts of the body. Most of the primary tumors are benign in nature though not all. Some can be cancerous or malignant too.

Secondary Brain Tumor:

The origination of this type of tumor is not the brain. This form of brain tumor generally begins from other parts of the body which might include lungs or breast. The cancer cells from the different parts of the body move towards the brain causing the brain tumor. The secondary tumor is also referred to as metastatic brain tumor

Well, what type of brain tumor you are suffering with is a matter of secondary concern? The first thing first, if you are suffering from a brain tumor how would you know it? So, it can be detected by means of certain signs and symptoms. What are the symptoms of Brain Tumour? Are they noticeable? Have a good read.

What Are The Severe Symptoms That Causes Brain Tumor?

Each and every disease or disorder in your body puts forward certain signs and symptoms. Few of us may notice the changes in the body at the early stages while others may ignore until the disease affects your body really deep. In a similar way, Brain Tumour also has few indications, check them out.


It is one of the most common symptoms of a brain tumor that reflects in 90% of the cases if not all. The headache may be severe either in the morning when you wake up or during sleep. If you are doing any kind of exertion or intense exercises the pain may get even worse. The headache also increases when you are suffering from cold or continuous sneezing.


You can go through vomits regularly, doesn’t matter if you are eating something or not. You will have the same feeling the entire day.

Dizziness And Weakness:

You will not be active like you are normally. The prolonged headache and vomiting will make your body weak and you just feel drowsy all day out.

Vision Defects:

Vision issues are very common during Brain Tumour. You can not get the right vision. Either you have a blurred vision or a double vision. You can have worse conditions if you do not get the treatment at the early stages. There can be other issues related to eyes like dropping of eyelids, unequal pupils, etc.

Improper Functioning of Brain:

You may go through memory loss, face problems in reading and writing, go through a lot of confusion, clumsiness, no proper mental responses and sometimes the complete change in overall mental functioning.

Muscle Weakness:

You can lose considerable muscle strength around your face, legs, and even arms. Which may lead to difficulty in movements and walking.


One side of your body can complete fall unresponsive or numb. You may lose the control of the movement of your body.

Speech Inaccuracy:

Your speech may not be as smooth as in normal condition. You may face difficulty in uttering the words properly. Not only speaking but there can be a lot of issues even in understanding.

These are just the most common and visible changes. However, there can be a lot more and differ from one person to another. Hand tremors, issues in swallowing of food, loss of control over bowel movement and a lot more. In short, there can be no area or part of the body that can be left unaffected by Brain Tumor.

For the proper treatment and improvement in conditions of the Brain, you have to diagnose the condition first.

Diagnosis Of Brain Tumor: