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Heart Attack: What is it? Causes, Symptoms and more

by denesaadmin on Nov 29, 2019 0

One can save the life of the patient, if they are aware of the Signs of Heart Attack. Immediate Treatment may also avoid the need for Heart Transplant Surgery .... Read More

Heart Bypass Surgery and Different Types of Heart Bypass Surgery

by denesaadmin on Dec 02, 2019 0

Heart Bypass Surgery is the medical procedure to get rid of blockages in the left coronary arteries that is a hindrance to primary function of the heart..... Read More

Top 5 Physical Activities After Heart Surgery that Can Boost Up Your Recovery

by denesaadmin on Dec 02, 2019 0

Heart Surgery Recovery is possible with a few simple physical exercises. it is helpful in avoiding the failure of surgery even to maintain your fitness..... Read More

How Does Neurological Complications Affect Heart Transplant Results?

by denesaadmin on Dec 02, 2019 0

Heart Transplant Life Expectancy is high if there are no complications post heart transplantation. However, it reduces because of neurological disorders..... Read More