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  • Dec 03, 2019

Essential Facts To Know About Hip Replacement In India


Are you suffering from end-stage hip disorders and unable to cope up from the disease by any non-surgical methods? In such a case, the only possible solution suggested by the orthopaedic surgeon is Hip Replacement.

So, are you planning to undertake hip replacement? Continue to read the blog, to know about the essential Hip Replacement Surgery Facts before proceeding with the treatment.

Facts About Hip Replacement Surgeries:

It is better to know about the treatment and the related points to avoid any confusion and complication later.

  • Fact I: Hip Replacement is Usually not the First Option for Treatment:

Hip Replacement is a treatment option for patients suffering from osteoarthritis. The primary consequence of the osteoarthritis is decaying of the hip bone, and it is continuously degrading. It can also be an option for a person who has rheumatoid arthritis and other hip joint injuries.

However, the orthopaedic specialist does not jump directly onto the replacement options but try to fix the problem using other ways of treatment that do not require surgery. After treating the patients with drugs and therapies if there is no considerable relief after three months, then the last option is surgery.

  • Fact II: It Is Not Possible to Walk Immediately After the Hip Replacement Surgery:

Every surgery needs considerable time to reflect the possible results in a patient. You should not expect that you would start walking, running and performing any other physical activity immediately after the completion of the surgery. Each patient responds differently to hip replacement surgery. Your physiotherapists guide you to walk with the help of the support after 24 hours of operation, but it is required to regain the mobility of the joint. Getting back to a routine, standing or sitting for long hours would need some time. The recovery time for different patients is variable. Some can recover within a few weeks while some others need months or even a year to resume their regular work-life schedule.

  • Fact III: You Cannot Expect the Same Response from Your Body After Hip Replacement:

There is a difference in the human-made hip joint and the first joint in your body. Hip replacement helps avail the considerable relief from the pain, restore your body movements, enable you to walk without support, subside the signs and symptoms of your hip disorder; still, there exist certain features of the original joint which cannot be restored. You will have some stiffness in your joints, restriction in performing awkward bending or say complete bending of the body and others depending on the medical condition of the body. Also, it is essential to follow these restrictions to avoid complications.

Final Words:

These are just a few essential Facts About Hip Replacement. However, there can be others too depending upon the overall medical condition of the patient. Check with the doctor as per your requirement and know about the facts of hip replacement before availing the treatment. Some facts can be unique to the condition of the patient.

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