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Gleneagles Global Hospital: The Top HPB & Liver Transplant Centre in India

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India has become one of the top medical hubs of the world. It is because the country offers comprehensive suits for most of the complicated medical procedures.

You can find multispeciality as well as a single speciality hospital delivering successful medical procedures. If we talk about the Liver Hospital in India, the chain of Gleneagles Global Hospitals in different cities of India secures the top place.

The hospital offers customised suite of treatments depending on the medical condition of the patient.

The primary reason for the same is the availability of:

  • Advanced Diagnosis equipment
  • Different treatment process
  • Post-surgical rehab centres, and more.

What are the Top Facilities in the Gleneagle Global Hospital for Liver Transplant?

The extraordinary feature offered by the Gleneagle Global Hospital for the liver hospital include:

  • The centre has a highly experienced team of best doctors, nurses and medical technicians. They excel in providing colonoscopic and endoscopic procedures.
  • It has a separate team of Hepato-Pancreato-Biliary and Liver Program. The team comprises of the globally recognised pancreas and liver surgeons.
  • Depending on the medical condition of the patient, the specialists and subspecialists work together to provide seamless treatment.
  • The operation theatres and wards in the hospital have the latest equipment. It helps to cure all types of diseases that associate with the pancreas, liver or biliary disorders.
  • Apart from providing the best facilities, the cost of liver transplant at Best Liver Hospital in India is very low. When you compare it to other countries of the world, the overall expenses are approximately 50 to 60% less.

Gleneagles Global Hospital is a state-of-the-art hospital with top-class infrastructure. It has advanced surgical ICUs where the treatment is performed under recognised surgeons.

If you are looking for the best liver surgeons, plan your healthcare travel to India at the earliest. The doctors are not only with you until the liver transplant, but they also guide you for recovery.

Necessary Steps to Recover After Liver Transplantation:

  • Do not miss the prescribed medicines. It is essential to improve your health and to avoid post-treatment complications.
  • The drugs are prescribed to the donor also so that he also does not suffer any side-effects.
  • Apart from that, you need to maintain a healthy diet to maintain the nutrition level in the body.
  • Also, limit your alcohol consumption. The doctors recommend to stop smoking and use of drugs. However, if you cannot prevent it completely limit your consumption or else, it may result in liver transplant failure.
  • Add exercise to your daily routine. Though consult your doctor to know the activities to be taken into practise.

´╗┐Final Words:

Undergoing the treatment in the Best Liver Transplant in India, you can get back to a healthy life. There are various advantages of healthcare travel to India and not just one.

So save your expenses, avail the successful treatment and live the second innings of your life without any complications. In case of any difficulties, healthcare tourism companies are here to assist you.

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