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Top 5 Physical Activities After Heart Surgery that Can Boost Up Your Recovery

Introduction To Heart Surgery Recovery:

The heart is an essential part of the human body. Failure of heart due to any disease calls for heart surgery. But, in case of heart and lung surgery, the recovery period is equally important to that of the surgical procedure. Any ignorance during rehabilitation may lead to failure of the operation.

However, adapting to proper medications and disciplined life can lead to faster Heart Surgery Recovery. Apart from medicines, exercises and physical therapies can help you to recover quicker and better.

Read the blog to know about the top 5 physical activities that reduce the recovery time of the patient and support you to get back to routine life.

Top 5 Exercises That Help You With Speedy Heart Surgery Recovery:

It is just a fable that you cannot take up with physical activities after Heart Surgery. Remaining fit can never harm anyone in any way. All you need to do is be a bit careful and begin with physical activities under the supervision of healthcare experts. A few best exercises that work wonders for Heart Surgery Recovery are discussed below in brief.

1. Cardiac Rehabilitation For Heart Surgery Recovery:

The best way to regain your physical well-being after heart surgery is to join cardiac rehabilitation. Cardiac rehab is an overall program that assists you with customised exercise programs keeping in mind your overall health.

These type of rehab centres run under medical supervision and provide you with the right assistance. If you have been exercising before heart bypass surgery, cardiac rehab centres are helpful to guide you with necessary changes in your workout regime. It is because the intensity of your exercise after the operation cannot be the same as that of before treatment.

Joining a cardiac rehabilitation centre is even more necessary if you have never practised physical exercises regularly. As a beginner, you may not be aware of the exercises that can help you stay fit as well as maintain the desired heart-rate.

2. Basic Body Movements:

Practising simple exercises in your daily routine helps to keep your body muscles active. It is also helpful in improving the flexibility of the body. These exercises may include steps like:

  • Turning your head, both the sides, i.e. left and right.
  • Bend your neck left and right.
  • Neck rotation.
  • Consider the forward and backward movement of your head.
  • Upward and downward shoulder crusade.
  • Shoulder rotation.
  • Try simple hand exercises like moving it up and down, sideways movements etc.

Repeat each exercise minimum five times. You can add other exercises that include foot movements, ankle movements etc. In short, all the moves that are useful in enhancing the mobility of your body but keep your heart rate regular.

Avoid rigorous running and jumping immediately after heart surgery; it may generate severe complications.

3. Walking For Heart Surgery Recovery:

Walking is the best healer and certainly boosts up the Heart Surgery Recovery. You have to walk for the same duration as the doctor advice at the time of discharge. Keeps on increasing the length of walking by 1 minute every day.

However, you can vary the speed of walking based on your comfort and stamina. But, make sure you add walking as a mandatory physical activity to your daily routine. You can also increase or decrease your speed throughout the session. Go for warm up and cool down and repeat.

It is normal if you feel the heat in your body or sweat. But, in case you are short of breath, you are probably working too hard. Relax for some time, take a break and begin over again.

There exist one significant concern for your safety, do not move out alone if you are walking for a long distance. Make sure you have a family or friend along with you. Decide on a length, keeping in mind that you have to walk the same mile back; you are moving forward.

You can even opt for walking on a treadmill instead of ground but ask for speed limit from your doctor as per your physical well-being. Don’t go for inclinations, it leads to an immediate increase in your heart rate.

4. Water Aerobics, Rowing And Stationary Cycling:

You can start all the physical activities that interest you but make sure you are not short of your breath. Cardiovascular exercises are useful for Heart Surgery Recovery, but you must never start with any physical activity without consulting from the doctor.

You must try to add tasks in your daily routine that do not exert you much but keep you moving. It is advisable to be around people and not to stay alone while exercising. As, you may require help in case of emergency.

Never go for cycling or any other outdoor activities at least for one year, it may put excessive pressure on your heart and can make you breathless. Consider periodic checkup and take advice from your doctor regularly. If you add exercise as a part of your daily routine, you will undoubtedly notice the improvement in your condition.

5. Rest And Sleep Along With Light Weight Lifting:

Weight lifting is also an excellent physical exercise, but you should not opt for heavy weight lifting. Make sure you have a personal trainer to guide you precisely. Also, if you start with weight lifting training programme, it is essential that you take adequate rest. You cannot compromise with your sleep or rest; as, it is an integral part of Heart Surgery Recovery.  

There must be a seamless balance between the physical exercises as well as rest. Recovery after any cardiological surgery is crucial for patients and you must be highly careful during this stage. Any ignorance may prove to be fatal.

Final Words:

Heart diseases or heart surgery makes a considerable change in your routine life, but it is possible to recover from it. All you need is maintain a work-life balance. Apart from therapies, medications, exercise and treatment, your diet also matters a lot.

Do not consume anything that increases your cholesterol levels. Have complete monitoring over your routine and focus on consuming nutritious food.

Another most important thing that can help you with Heart Surgery Recovery is quitting on your smoking habits as well as stop the intake of alcohol.

Any addiction to drugs can also prove to be hazardous, especially during the recovery period. After the successful recovery post-surgery, you can deviate a bit from the disciplined life. But, you have to keep patience for a minimum period of one to two years. However, periodic consultation from your surgeon is a must to improve the quality of your life.

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