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Best Knee Replacement Hospital in India – Top 10 Knee Replacement Doctors in India

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Knee replacement or Arthroplasty refers to the healing process to get back your knee in a healthy condition. The doctor suggests undergoing knee replacement to get rid of arthritic pain and for improvising other knee disabilities. This surgery is taken into practice for osteoarthritis and arthritis.

India is a home for highly experienced orthopedists and surgeons who are taking care of millions of patients every year to deal with knee-related issues. The doctors in India are well versed with advanced treatments and improvised techniques required for providing complete health care solutions to the patients. 

All the countries around the world trust India for availing the Knee Replacement Surgeries. India has earned this trust because of top doctors, satisfactory outcomes from the surgery and nominal cost of treatment.

Every year, the doctors in India excel in providing a solution for all the issues that are a hindrance to appropriate functioning of your knee. If you are the one facing problem in your day to day life because of chronic knee pain, you can opt for Knee Replacement in India.

Which Is The Best Hospital In India For Knee Replacement?

Not all the medical tourist are aware of the best hospital for Knee Replacement in India. In context with the same, and excellent results of Knee Replacement, the best hospital in India is Artemis Hospital, Gurugram, India.

Apart from hospitals, the success of the treatment depends on your choice of doctors. Top 10 doctors for knee replacement in India are:

  • Dr IPS Oberoi. (Artemis Hospital, Gurugram).
  • Dr Ashok Rajgopal. (Medanta, Gurugram).
  • Dr Vinod Sukheja. (Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, Delhi).
  • Dr Anil Arora. (Max Hospital, New Delhi).
  • Dr Anindya Basu. (Fortis Hospital, Kolkata).
  • Dr Attique Vasdev. (Medanta- The Medicity, Gurugram).
  • Dr Chandeep Singh. (Medanta- The Medicity, Gurugram).
  • Dr Balvinder Rana. (FMRI, Gurugram).
  • Dr Gautam Zaveri. (FMRI, Mumbai).
  • Dr George A Anderson. (Apollo Hospital, Gurugram).

What Is The Need For Knee Replacement Surgery?

The very first and prominent reason for Knee Replacement Surgery is ageing. Increasing age causes the wear and tear of the knee joint that compels the people to undergo Knee Replacement.

There can be various knee-related diseases that may affect you in old age, and most importantly, it is not possible to cure them with medicines or usual physical exercises. If you ignore the pain in your knee at initial stages, it may finally result in a breakdown of the cartilage between the knee and the bone. The cartilage is a very significant part of a knee as it acts as a cushion between the two. So, it is essential to ensure that the cartilage is in a healthy state, else you ought to undertake knee replacement as there is no other solution.

Other than ageing, various other reasons call for Knee replacement surgeries such as: 


Some people are affected by problems like bowed legs and knock knees since birth. Unfortunately, these people need to undergo Knee Replacement surgery for procuring a healthy body and posture. Otherwise, they will continue with the problem for their whole life.

Knee Injuries

Knee Replacement becomes vital at the time of any incident that leads to a knee injury. In such cases, there is no other solution than knee replacement to fix a bone or torn ligaments.

Ignoring Knee Replacement at this time may result in arthritis or other significant problems. So, it is recommended to look into this problem immediately.


In this condition, the blood cannot flow properly to the bones. The state of a person becomes miserable, and it is a critical issue where the doctor generally suggests the patient have a Knee Replacement Surgery. Avoiding the treatment at this stage may lead to severe consequences.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Rheumatoid Arthritis is a rare condition when the immune system of a person affects and shatter the lining of Knee. The situation forces the patient to have a Knee Replacement Surgery. 

What Are The Types Of Knee Replacement Surgery?

Knee Replacement surgery mainly has four types. It includes:-