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What to Expect From Total Hip Replacement Surgery?


Are you unable to overcome the arthritic pain in your hip? Have you tried all types of medicines and therapies? When nothing helps the solution is Total Hip Replacement Surgery. 

Hip replacement is faster, and the most effective way to recover from your hip problems. The innovations in the field of orthopaedics have made it possible to regain your regular life after the surgery. You will not have to bear any pain or maintain any restrictions in your routine life anymore.

There are more than 500,000 people who undergo Total Hip Replacement Surgery every year. But this is not the exact no. of people who want to opt for surgery.

More than 40% of people are hesitant to opt for surgery because they are unaware of the results after the completion of Hip Replacement Surgery.

Well, if you are also one of those unsure people who doubt the benefits of treatment, consider reading the blog below. It indicates clearly ‘What to Expect After Hip Replacement Surgery’?

Introduction To Results Of A Total Hip Replacement Surgery:

Hip replacement surgery is a solution to all your problems. The write-up below will undoubtedly be a quell to your worries as it details in brief about the results of the surgery.

  • Immediate Recovery:

The Total Hip replacement Surgery offers instant relief from your medical condition. This surgery is not complicated, like other orthopaedic treatments which demand prolonged recovery time. In fact, you can start walking on the same day as your surgery.

The surgeon provides you with antibiotics to ensure that you do not suffer from any infection. These antibiotics and other medicines help control your pain and avoid other surgical complications too. 

Another thing that generates fear of surgery in patients is the stay in the hospital for several days. However, it is not valid for Total Hip Replacement Surgery. If there are no complications, the patient can head back home on the same day. Even if the patient has to stay, the maximum stay in the hospital will be 48 hours post-surgery.  

  • High Success Rate:

Unlike other treatments, this joint replacement surgery has almost negligible failure ratio. Approximately 98% of Total Hip Replacement Surgeries are successful. Rest 2% of the patients do not face a complete surgical failure but suffer post-surgical complications like infections or blood clotting. 

However, these are not significant risks, and the surgeons have a solution for that too. It is possible to cure the complications with the use of drugs and medicines. The advancement of technology has made the treatment safer & better, and there is no compromise with safety. It is one of the innocuous surgeries with satisfactory results

  • Better Techniques And Methodologies:

A patient does not have to suffer much pain during or after the Total Hip replacement Surgery. It is because the surgeons make use of spinal anaesthesia rather than general anaesthesia. It numbs the entire lower body below the waist. There are several benefits of using the regional anaesthesia over general anaesthesia. It helps in lowering the blood pressure, and there are least chances of blood loss or formation of a blood clot. 

It further improves the chances of success of the surgery and reduces the complexities. With lower blood pressure, there are lower chances of post-surgical risks. The use of advanced technologies for hip arthroscopy enhances the success rate of the operation to 99% in India.

  • Smaller Incisions Leading To Faster Recovery And Safety Improvements:

About a decade ago, surgeons made long cuts of about six to nine inches to accomplish the surgery. The result was pain, complications and compromise with the safety of the patient. Well, this is not the case now. With recent researches and implementation of new techniques, it is possible to perform the surgery with the lowest possible incision of about 3 inches. 

The surgeons use relatively smaller instruments during the surgery. There are lesser chances of wounds during the operation, as there are no more deep cuts in the soft tissues and muscles of the body. The surgery does not have any interference in any connecting bone neither there is any problem in the recovery. Simple care at home and intake of medicines on time can help you sway back to regular professional and personal life within a month.

  • Helpful For All The Patients Irrespective Of Their Age Or Cause Of Hip Disorder:

Total Hip Replacement Surgery is beneficial to fix the hip diseases that are a result of fracture, accident, lower bone density, ageing, muscle breakdown or any other. It is possible for surgeons to fix all the issues of hip replacement with this surgery. No matter the patient is an adult or a youngster. There is no change in the success rate of the operation, and the results of the treatment are satisfactory for all. 

However, the surgical procedure involves a few additional risks if the patient is a woman above the age of 55 years. It is because the bones after a certain period tend to be softer. The smaller size of the bone and quality of muscles is yet another concern. Well, it is possible for the top, and experienced surgeons to handle these types of cases and ensure the recovery. If the patient is below the age of 50, there are nil chances of failure as the quality of bone is high due to higher participation in physical activities.

  • Least Physical Restriction:

A patient does not need to make many changes in physical routine after the Total Hip Replacement Surgery. You can walk, sit, run, bend and sleep carefree just like before. The patient only needs to be careful about lifting heavy weights and never go for sitting in a squat position. 

Physical therapies are highly supportive in improving your condition. Your physical therapist can help you with gaining your muscle strength back and guide you to get back to your routine life. But, you have to continue your physical activities and do not get hold of your bed.

Final Words:

Total Hip Replacement Surgery, in short, improves your hip mobility. It aids to overcome all types of acute and chronic pain in your hip. The tasks that you could not perform smoothly because of hip related issues become accessible after the joint replacement treatment. 

More than 95 % of the patients who undergo the Hip Arthroscopy or Hip Replacement Surgery, get back to their routine life within a few weeks or maximum a month or two. The patient can feel the new zeal in himself and perform the physical activities in a much better way in comparison to the pre-surgical period.

It is because of all the benefits specified above, more and more patients are undergoing hip replacement surgery every year. It is the second most opted orthopaedic surgery after knee replacement. The blog above precisely reflects all the reasons behind it.

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