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What Are the Possible Surgical Treatments for Lung Disease?

By denesaadmin on Nov 29,2019 0


Many people are suffering from pulmonary diseases. The number of people affected by lung diseases is increasing every year. It is because of the changing lifestyle, increasing pollution, and other situations restricting the supply of necessary oxygen to your respiratory system.

Depending on the condition of the patient, the treatment of lung diseases also vary. The three different types of treatment options available for patients having lung diseases are:

  • Bullectomy
  • Lung Cleansing Surgery
  • Lung Transplantation, and
  • Lung Volume Reduction Surgery.

The condition of all the patients suffering from emphysema diseases is not always suitable to undergo Lung Surgery Treatment.

What Are the Necessary Conditions for Surgical Treatment for Lung Disease?

Before undergoing any treatment, they need to clear the diagnosis process performed by medical practitioners. As per the favourable conditions and the result of the prognosis, the doctor decides on the type of treatment.

 Let us check the different conditions offering the different types of treatment for varied lung diseases:

Bullectomy: It is a process for the patients who have the thoracic volume reduced due to the giant bullae filling. It is also a treatment option for those who compress the adjacent parenchyma. So, the doctors directly do not jump for lung transplantation but try to correct the disorder using bullectomy process. It is one of the most effective Surgical Treatment for Lung Disease.

Lung Cleansing Surgery:  The surgeons make use of Lung Cleansing Surgery for patients whose lungs have started degrading due to continuous smoking. However, the lungs are in the condition of improving without undergoing transplantation, if the patient follows the instructions of the medical professional.

Lung Transplantation: It is not possible to treat all lung disorders using lung transplantation. In case the disease or disorder is curable with surgery, and doctors can restore the functioning of the lungs, then they choose other methods of treatment. However, if the cure is not possible using the Lung Surgery Treatment, then the surgeons go with a lung transplant.

A lung transplant is a surgical process that is followed when it is an end-stage failure, and there is no other possible cure. Lung Transplant can be an expensive procedure compared to other procedure of lung surgeries. However, Lung Transplant Cost in India is low. The cost ranges from USD 65,000 to 75,000, which is one-fourth the cost of treatment in any other country.

Lung Volume Reduction Process: It is a treatment preferred for patients suffering from hyperinflation, has forced expiratory volume in one second is higher than 20%, increased carbon dioxide tension and more.

Some of the patients have complicated conditions and have to undergo the combination of LVRS and Lung Transplantation sequentially or at times simultaneously.

´╗┐Final Words:

Surgical Treatment for Lung Disease becomes a necessity when the patient is having no other possible cure and does not show any improvements when treated with medicines, drugs and other non-surgical procedures.

So, if you are recommended for lung surgery, fix your appointment at the earliest, or else it may prove to be fatal. In case you are looking forward to a successful as well as the cost-effective treatment you should plan your medical tourism to India.

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