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Are You Suffering From Tumor? Know its Types and Conditions

By denesaadmin on Nov 13,2019 0

The tumor is generally a mass of tissue, it can either be completely solid or may be filled with fluid. People often tend to mix it up with cancer, so to be very specific tumor is not cancer but it can either be the consequence of cancer or may result in the development of cancer.

Tumors can generally refer to the extra mass or lump or the swelling. It may or may not be a threat to health. The consequences of the tumor on health highly depends on the area that is affected, the size of the tumor and various other factors. There is no specific area in your body where a tumor might strike, develop or attack rather any cell or tissue in the human body has the ability to develop a tumor.

Based on which there is not a single kind of tumor, but there are different types of tumors. Read more to know about the various types of Tumors and the names associated with them.

What Are The Different Types Of Tumors?

Tumors are basically named based on the origin of the cell, shape of the tumor or even the hosting tissue. If you talk in the broader terms, there are three types of tumors.

Pre Malignant

A type of tumor which does not spread cancer in the body for the present condition. But if it is not treated or stopped at the right moment, it may result in developing the properties of cancer.


These types of tumors are necessarily cancerous. They can grow inevitably, spread to different parts of the body and also get in the worse condition. Malignant tumors may or may not be curated completely. If it attacks the critical or highly functional parts of the body it can prove to be fatal.


Benign tumors are still in nature. This kind of tumor can neither spread nor grow. There is no threat of cancer when we talk about benign tumors. It remains in the same position and in its originality. If you go under treatment where they are completely removed, there are no chances for them to return back.

It is not possible all the time to differentiate with exaction between non-cancerous, precancerous and cancerous tumors. However, sometimes it is possible to clear the thin line difference by checking the condition of the tumor regularly. If it’s in static condition then there are 90% chances that it would not be cancerous. However, if the tumor undergoes frequent changes it is difficult to know the right type. Sometimes it is possible if a benign tumor is ignored for a long duration it changes into a premalignant or even malignant tumor.

The Tumors and the associated changes highly depend on the condition of the cells. Let us check the subdivision of types of tumors based on that.

What Are The Types Of Conditions Can Be Seen In Tumours?

The changes in the condition of Tumors may vary adversely. It may either be mild or very severe. Let us check it out. All the changes mostly occur in precancerous tumor stages.


If the abnormal cells or the tumor cells go on dividing, multiplying and spreading at a very faster rate than the normal, then it is said to be in the condition of hyperplasia. You may find the cells to be normal under the microscope but they are exactly not. The number of cells is always higher than the usual. Some of the hyperplasia cells are precancerous but most of them are not.


If any kind of change is observed within the type of cells that are normally been found in the particular area of the body, then you are in the metaplasia condition. You need to undergo diagnosis and recommended tests to know about the exact condition. As the microscopic view will not be enough to differentiate between the cells. Not all the metaplasia cells lead to the spread of cancer in the body yet some of the cells can generate it. Take the proper neurological assessment in order to treat the condition at the earliest.


Dysplasia generally falls under the category of tumors with the precancerous condition. This is the situation where there exist the abnormal cells in certain parts of the body and also they are spreading at a very fast rate. This type of tumor may call for surgical conditions to get rid of the tumor cells. If it is not handled in early stages it may prove to be chronic for the overall health. In certain cases, it is not possible to remove the tumor completely.


In atypia, one can observe the slight changes in the normal cells. It may be due to information or as the side-effect of the different treatment process. You can refer it as to the post healing conditions sometimes due to high-intensity radiation or high drug dosage. It can be treated in most of the conditions but sometimes it proves to be precancerous.

Carcinoma In Situ:

This is one of the most typical conditions of tumors. In this condition, there is a high risk of conversion into cancer. This can be considered the most dangerous precancerous changes. In this type of spread, the cells become abnormal and the infection is not in nearby tissue but can move anywhere.

If Ignored, Can Tumor Be Dangerous?

You have to actually be alert when you are in precancerous stages. You cannot simply ignore the tumor. It can be fatal if not treated on time. It gets more difficult to treat tumors if it is followed up with cancer. So, take up with the treatment as directed by the neurologist. Follow the complete diagnosis process. Take the regular follow-up of the improvements in your health conditions. If the tumors have been cured do not miss rehabilitation until the recovery to get back to your normal physical and mental health conditions.

Final Words:

The patient suffering from tumors cannot live a healthy physical or mental life. There are many unbearable consequences. The blog above gives you a brief about different types of tumor, however medical professionals can be more useful. Consider your health and wellness as a priority. Even if you are not able to find the cure for the type of tumor in your own land, try opting for medical tourism. Medical tourism to India for Tumors gets a cure for all your health issues with quality, purity and above all affordability.

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