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Under What Conditions, The Patient Has to Undergo IVF Procedure

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It can be saddening when a person realises that they are unable to conceive. Most of the time, the couples do not proceed with the family planning immediately after their marriage. After they decide on having a child, it can be frustrating if you do not succeed in the same.

If you fail again and again, in spite of trying continuously, it is better to visit the medical professional and seek medical assistance. It is because the treatment is more successful if you plant it at the right age.

Most of the couples suffering from infertility are suggested to undergo IVF treatment, as the procedure is highly successful.

Now, the question is when should you undergo IVF treatment, and what is the Right Time for IVF Treatment.

What is the Best Time for IVF Treatment?

When you are not able to conceive after trying the natural process of reproduction continuously for eleven months, it is time to plan your treatment.

Delaying the IVF procedure can reduce the chances of success in the first cycle. It is because the results of the treatment depend on age.

So, the Right Time for IVF Treatment, especially for a woman is:

  • Before she attains 35 years of age, as with age, the quantity and quality of the eggs start to decline.
  • The duration of time, the patient has suffered infertility. If it is more than a year, you have not used any protection. Still, your pregnancy test is never positive.
  • When there is a blockage in the fallopian tubes
  • The length of the ovulation cycle is reduced.

Also, the age of the male partner is essential for pregnancy.

The Best Time for IVF Treatment, in the male, is when the diagnosis reports of the patient reflect:

  • When he cannot produce the quality sperms
  • The speed of sperm is low and thus cannot fertilise the eggs.

In the IVF procedure, the doctors make use of artificial insemination when the natural process is not possible. In this procedure, the oocytes are retrieved from the female partner, and the sperm is taken from the male partner. The ovulation is done artificially in the test tube, and then the fetus is placed in the uterus.

The above process is helpful if the ovaries and sperm, both are in a healthy condition. If there is an issue either with the ovaries or the sperm count, then the doctors have to make use of a donor.

What is the Price of IVF Treatment?

The cost of IVF Treatment varies depending on the state you choose for your treatment, choice of hospital, and most importantly, the age of the patient.

Talking about the present scenario, IVF Treatment Price in India is least, and the success of the surgery is the maximum in the country compared to all other countries of the world.

The Cost of IVF Treatment in India per cycle for patients below the age of 35 years is merely 6,000 dollars. A patient can save approximately 50-60 % of the cost if he chooses India over other countries for their treatment.

´╗┐Final Words:

If you wish to avail the happiness of being parents, you need to make sure that you undergo the procedure at the Right Time for IVF Treatment. Even if you are above the age of 35 years, you can get successful treatment; though the number of IVF cycles can increase.

So, do not lose hope, seek medical assistance from top IVF centres in India to save the cost of the procedure and enhance the probability of getting the desired outcome.

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