November 14, 2019
  • November 14, 2019
Hip replacement

What are the Possible Risks of Hip Replacement Surgery?

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The treatment of almost all the health disorders is possible in today’s era of medical up-gradation. Hip Replacement Surgery provides efficient results for the patient for the last three decades.

However, just like any other surgical procedures, there are specific Risks of Hip Surgery too. Well, not all the patients have to face these risks.

Hip Surgery Risks depend on the choice of surgeon, medical condition of the patient, and other such factors.

The question is, what are the possible risks of Hip Replacement Surgery, and Is it possible to overcome these side-effects?

What Are the Possible Risks of a Hip Surgery?

These complications and side-effects can occur during or after the hip surgery are:

  • The difference in the leg length after the surgery
  • Dislocation or loosening of the implant inserted during the operation
  • Infection is one of the yet another side-effects of hip surgery. After the surgery, the disease is usually because of the bacteria that enter the bloodstream. The source can be a dental procedure, urinary tract or skin. 
  • Rejection of the newly transplanted organ by the immune system of the body

There can be some severe Hip Surgery Risks, too, apart from the common side-effects specified above. It includes:

  • Osteolysis, it refers to the breakdown of bone connected to the hip joint, due to rigorous contact between the transplanted metal components and the original bone
  • The fracture in the replaced hip, which is generally due to the overpressure on the transplant. The patients usually report the implant fracture who are obese, start with substantial physical activities or the ones who do not follow the recovery instructions of the medical team
  • Allergies in the body due to metal implants
  • If the blood clots travel to different parts of the body, the result is cardiovascular disorders. In such a condition, if the patient does not contact the doctor at the earliest, it can prove to be fatal.

Is It Possible to Overcome the Risks of Hip Replacement Surgery?

Hip Surgery Risks are usually due to:

  •  The mistakes made during the surgery that is generally due to the surgeon or medical team
  • The ignorance or improper recovery care after the treatment, which is usually because of the patient.

In short, the success of the treatment is the combined effect of an orthopaedic surgeon and the patient himself.

 To receive a successful surgery, most of the patients are travelling to India. It is because the surgeons are highly experienced. Also, the medical team is not with the patient only before and during the treatment, but even after the surgery to give proper guidance for the recovery.

However, if the patient wishes to avoid the Risks of Hip Surgery, he must take proper care after the discharge.

The patient must consult the doctor before initiating with heavy physical movements. Apart from that, the patient must undertake the physiotherapy sessions, if recommended. It is essential for a quick recovery and for avoiding the complications.

Final Words:

Undergoing the treatment in India, you can avoid not only the risk but also Hip Replacement Surgery Cost in India is very economical. The patients visiting India for medical tourism are satisfied both in terms of surgical services, as well as the price of treatment.

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