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  • Nov 13, 2019

When Can A Headache Be A Symptom Of Brain Tumour?


Headache can not be an essential sign of a brain tumour. If you are suffering from problems frequently, there is a possibility that the trouble is the initial signs of migraine or stress.

However, there can be specific symptoms that reflect the headache is due to significant complications in the brain.

However, if the headache is constant and severe, then there are chances that it gives you all over a different experience. In such a case, it reflects significant health disorders.

Signs and Symptoms That Convey Headache is a Consequence of a Brain Tumour

There can be different types of headache, which includes:

  • Primary Headache:

Primary headache generally includes pain due to tension, clusters, or migraines.

  • Secondary Headache:

The cause of secondary headaches are usually the medical conditions in a patient.

Both the conditions can be a possible indication of Brain Tumour Headache Symptoms. 

Headache is a Possible Warning Sign of a Brain Tumour or Brain Cancer:

  • If you are suffering from a continuous problem and the conditions are extremely unbearable. You cannot sleep at night or are unable to work during the day; it is a red flag that you are possibly suffering from a brain tumour.
  • Another sign of the brain tumour headache is, the patient may experience the pain in different parts of the brain. It is not constant in a particular section.
  • The patient can get to know that he is suffering from a brain tumour if along with end-stage headaches, there is a noticeable weight loss in the body without even trying for it.
  • Another headache condition that is a warning sign, a person is suffering from a brain tumour is when the patient notices no relief in the pain in spite of taking painkillers. For people who drink tea or coffee, usual headaches can easily subside. However, even after trying everything, there is no significant improvement, it is a possible sign of brain tumour.
  • When a headache is a consequence of a brain tumour, you can have a clear indication; as other symptoms often follow it like:
  • Vision loss
  • Blurred vision
  • Double vision
  • Hearing aids
  • Dizziness
  • Loss of balance
  • Weakness
  • Failure of sensation in your limbs
  • Vocal issues, failure of speech
  • Changes in personality
  • Seizures
  • Fluctuations in the severity of the pain around your head
  • Increasing pressure at the back of your head
  • Numbness in single or both sides of your face and much more.

Final Words:

Brain Tumour Headache Symptoms are different and make a patient suffer in day to day life. It can clearly indicate a patient of significant health disorder.

So, if you come across any of the signs that are mentioned above, then consider visiting the neurologist. It is better to consult the neurologist in the initial stages so that you can find the cure without suffering much. If the brain tumour reaches the end stage or converts into brain cancer, the healing process can be complicated as well as expensive.

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