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ACL Reconstruction Surgery Price No. of Travellers Days in Hospital Days Outside Hospital Total Days in India
Starting 3200 USD 2 5 12 17

Treatment Cost

Start From

  • Start From


USD 80
( 5481.6 Indian Rupees )

20 USD * Days


    USD 20
  • 3-STAR

    USD 45
  • 4& 5-STAR

    USD 100

Near Hospital, 2 Beds, Air-Conditioned, Attached Bathroom, TV, FREE Wi-Fi and Breakfast.
Kitchen for Self-Cooking.


USD 64
( 4385.38 Indian Rupees )

8 USD * 2 person * Days


    USD 8

    USD 15

Daily Commute

USD 24
( 1644.48 Indian Rupees )

3 USD * 2 person * Days


USD 164
( 11237.28 Indian Rupees )

5% of all the above expenses. Usually covers - Medicines, unknown expenses, near by sight seeing etc.

Approximate Total Cost For
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction ACL Surgery in India


( Indian Rupees.)


  • ACL or Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of the most common orthopaedic issues found in athletes and people who play high demand games like football, soccer, basketball, hockey, cricket etc.
  • Three primary bones combine to form the knee joint, i.e. shinbone, thighbone and kneecap. Kneecap is the protective layer of other bones, and ligaments further connect these joints. Severe injuries in the knee usually lead to ligament breakdown resulting in limitations in knee mobility.
  • It is because the ligaments maintain stability in the knee joint. To regain the full function of your knee and legs, the patient needs to undergo ACL Reconstruction Surgery.
  • It is because the treatment of regular injuries is possible by medications, therapies and other non-surgical methods. But, it is difficult to fix the complicated damages without the surgery. ACL Reconstruction Surgery helps in restoring the function of the knee and removing all possible agility issues.


Cost of ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India:

ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India starts at USD 3,200, and it can be as high as USD 5,000. The variation in the cost is because of the difference in the conditions of the patient and the severity of the damage.

Some other factors that fluctuate the cost of ACL Reconstruction in India are:

  • Choice of the hospital.
  • Fees of the orthopaedic surgeon.
  • Costs of standard tests and diagnosis.
  • Charges of follow-up care.
  • Price of medicine and drugs.
  • No. of days spent in the hospital
  • Stay outside the hospital and choice of hotel
  • Selection of room in the hospital and miscellaneous

Even, if you take into account all the factors affecting the cost of treatment, the ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India is available at a highly affordable price then other developed countries. If you make the comparison, it is almost one-third the cost of treatment in the US.


What is ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

ACL Reconstruction Surgery is the surgical procedure to replace the damaged ligaments using the grafts. The grafts usually comprise of the tendons.

The surgeons usually do not consider sewing the ligaments together because the repairing of graft fails over time. So, to provide the permanent solution; an orthopaedic surgeon chooses to go for ACL Reconstruction surgery. However, the choice of grafting may vary depending on the condition of the patient and the severity of the damage.

Based on grafting, there are different types of ACL Reconstruction Surgeries. Read more about the types of ACL Reconstruction Surgeries below.

Types of ACL Reconstruction Surgery:

The are two types of ACL Reconstruction Surgery based on grafting, they are:

  • Allograft ACL Reconstruction Surgery:
  • In this method, the doctor replaces the damaged ligaments using the grafts from a deceased or dead donor. Depending on the wear and tear of ligaments, the surgeon may opt for:

    • Allograft Patellar Tendon.
    • Achilles Tendon Graft.
    • Posterior Tibialis Management.
    • Semitendinous Gracilis

    The surgeon opts for allograft reconstruction surgery only when autografting is not possible.

  • Autograft ACL Reconstruction Surgery:
  • Autograft ACL Reconstruction Surgery refers to retention of tendons from the body of the patient itself. The choice of ligament depends on the area of damage and ligament breakdown. Types of autograft tendons are:

    • Quadriceps Tendon Graft.
    • The Patellar Tendon Graft.
    • Hamstring Tendon Graft.

    Autograft is the first preference of orthopaedic surgeons because there are least chances of re-rupturing of the replaced ligament. Also, the chances of infection after this procedure are negligible. Another advantage of hamstring autograft ACL reconstruction surgery is that it regenerates over time, which enhances the stability of grafting.

Who is a Candidate for ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

A person with the following symptoms needs ACL reconstruction surgery:

  • Chronic knee pain
  • Swelling in the knee joint after the injury
  • Instability in knee and problem with knee movements
  • If you hear or feel pop sounds from the knee in the transition from one position to another.

The Procedure for ACL Reconstruction Surgery:

Before beginning with the surgical procedure, diagnosis of the patient is a must. So, the first step for ACL Reconstruction Surgery is Test and Diagnosis.

  • Test and Diagnosis:
  • The in-depth diagnosis of the patient involves the following proceedings:

    • First thing first, the doctor starts with a physical examination. Here, he moves the leg with an injured knee in various positions, to check if there is any hindrance with the mobility.
    • Another important test for detection of ligament damage is a pivot shift test. It helps to determine the instability of the knee joint. If the test results reveal a subluxation of 20 to 40 degrees, the ACL is damaged.
    • The doctors opt for anterior drawer test after the pivot shift test. It helps to know if there is any crucial ligament rupture. Lachman test is also performed in critical cases. It helps in governing mobility issues. It precisely tests and reveals an endpoint that locks the movement of the knee.
    • If the above tests fail in giving the clarity of the situation of the patient, the doctors recommend X-Ray, MRI and other routine tests. It helps determine if there is any fracture and locate exact damaged tendon or ligament.

  • Surgical Procedure:
  • After the complete diagnosis, the orthopaedic surgeons begins with the surgical procedure based on test results.

    • The surgeon makes small incisions in the damaged knee. He may make 2 or more incisions depending on the condition of the patient.
    • Now, he inserts an arthroscope through one of the incisions; to see the inner condition of the knee with clarity.
    • In the next step, the doctor puts in a surgical drill and makes small holes in femur and the tibia.
    • The graft is now held in place and attached using screws, staples or plugs.
    • Once the doctor fixes all the damages, he closes the incisions with the help of staples or stitches.

  • Post-Surgical Care:
  • It is essential for the patient to stay in the hospital for 5 to 7 days for a complete analysis of the situation by the medical team. The team guides you on all do’s and don’ts. You have to follow the guidance at home even after discharge.

    Make sure you maintain hygiene and keep the incision area clean or else it may lead to infection. Wear a knee brace for a minimum duration of two to four weeks. Physical rehabilitation is essential to gain back the stability and improve the functionality of the knee joint.

    The recovery duration can be about four to six months. The patient may also need crutches along with braces to recover after the surgery.

Who is Not Fit For ACL Reconstruction Surgery?

Doctors may not consider surgery on a patient with high diabetes, as there exist significant risk. A person is unfit for the surgery if he is suffering from any organ disorders like lung, heart or kidney failure or any other chronic diseases; as it may prove to be fatal.

Recovery from ACL surgery is difficult for obese patients so that the healthcare practitioner may suggest weight loss before the surgery. Also, the patient needs to avoid smoking, drinking and follow the balanced diet before the surgery.

In short, the surgeon will analyse your complete medical history before deciding if you are a candidate for the surgical procedure or not.

Complications of ACL Reconstruction Surgery:

Although ACL Reconstruction Surgery is unbeaten in 99% of the cases, there can be few complications. As it is a surgical procedure, you can never be 100% sure. Some common difficulties after the surgery can be:

  • Constant knee pain.
  • Loss of blood.
  • Formation of blood clots.
  • Infection.
  • Stiffness.
  • Transmission of diseases, in case of allograft surgery.
  • Failure in healing, if your body rejects the graft.
  • Issues in gaining back mobility.

These are the most common risks that can affect any patient. However, kids with ACL injuries have the chance of growth plate injuries. The result of growth plate injuries is usually shortened bones.

The doctor may delay the surgery in case of kids until the complete growth of bone or till growth plates are wholly developed.

In case you want to ensure your safety, you must consider the top orthopaedic surgeon for the operation. It will reduce the chances of complications. If you are diagnosed with ACL complications and require ACL Reconstruction Surgery, you can visit India for the treatment; as the country hosts some of the top orthopaedic surgeons with 100 % success rates. Along with that, the cost of ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India is very economical.


Top Hospitals for ACL Reconstruction Surgery in India:

  • Artemis Hospital, Gurugram.
  • Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram.
  • Medanta-The Medicity, Gurugram.

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