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Estimate Cost of HEART TRANSPLANT in India

Heart Transplant Price No. of Travellers Days in Hospital Days Outside Hospital Total Days in India
USD 55000 2 14 20 34

Treatment Cost

Start From

  • Start From


USD 80
( 5481.6 Indian Rupees )

20 USD * Days


    USD 20
  • 3-STAR

    USD 45
  • 4& 5-STAR

    USD 100

Near Hospital, 2 Beds, Air-Conditioned, Attached Bathroom, TV, FREE Wi-Fi and Breakfast.
Kitchen for Self-Cooking.


USD 64
( 4385.38 Indian Rupees )

8 USD * 2 person * Days


    USD 8

    USD 15

Daily Commute

USD 24
( 1644.48 Indian Rupees )

3 USD * 2 person * Days


USD 164
( 11237.28 Indian Rupees )

5% of all the above expenses. Usually covers - Medicines, unknown expenses, near by sight seeing etc.

Approximate Total Cost For
Heart Transplant in India


( Indian Rupees.)


  • The heart is a very important organ that is responsible for the necessary transfer of nutrients and oxygen to the different parts of the body through blood. It is divided into two halves, the left half that receives the blood from the lungs and transfers it to all over the body whereas the right side is responsible for receiving the blood from the body and forwarding it to the lungs. The entire process carried out by this pumping organ is highly important for the human body to stay fit and healthy. In short, the heart is the vital muscle of the body that should be in proper condition in all the ways. Any kind of blockage or malfunctioning can lead to serious consequences.
  • What if your heart stops performing the required function due to any of the causes? How can a bodywork? an simple answer to this is Heart Transplant.


The cost of a heart transplant in India is starting from USD 50,000. It may vary to some extent depending on the complexity of the treatment. Heart Transplants in India cost far less in comparison to other developed countries. If you talk about the US, then Heart Transplant Cost in India is about one-tenth of the total expenses carried out in the US. The cost of a heart transplant determined in India is inclusive of all your medical tourism cost. It includes:

  1. Diagnosis and Examination.
  2. Rehabilitation.
  3. Visa and Travelling Cost.
  4. Food and Accommodation.
  5. Miscellaneous Expenses.

If your health condition and budget both allow you to go for Heart Transplant in India, you can undergo the process of Heart Transplant to get back to your healthy and normal life.


What is Heart Transplant

The process in which the damaged or diseased heart of a person is replaced by a healthy heart is known as a heart transplant. The healthy heart is often received by a donor. A heart donor is a person who is dead and before dying, he has registered for heart donation or his family after death is willing to donate the heart.

Overview of Heart Transplants in India

The first ever heart transplant in India was performed in the year 2014 which was carried out on a 2-year-old baby boy from Russia. All the Russian doctors had given up on the case which was then successfully accomplished in India. It was performed in Chennai. Now, India has become the centre of attraction for medical tourism when it is about Heart Transplant. In the last five years, hundreds of successful Heart Transplants in India have been performed. India finds a good place in the number of successfule heart transplants carried out every year across the globe. The obvious reason for the same being the high success rate of Heart Transplants in India that too at a very affordable cost.

Why the Heart Transplants are Performed?

If the heart of a person due to certain disease or damage has stopped responding, in such cases Heart transplant is carried out. The condition for the same being that the rest of the body of the person is under proper functioning. Also, no other treatment or heart procedure is effective or responsive, the last option is to carry out the heart transplant to save the life of a person. Some of the common conditions in which it becomes highly important to perform a heart transplant are:

  1. Heart defects by birth.
  2. Coronary Artery Disease leads to a scarred heart tissue from a heart attack.
  3. Dilated cardiomyopathy.

Before you decide to go for Heart Transplant, it is very important that you consider the treatment from a highly qualified heart surgeon or specialist as there are lots of treatments and procedures to cure your heart disease. only once you find out that Heart Transplant is the only solution , then opt for it. There are many cardiologists available in India working with different multi-specialty hospitals who perform Heart Transplants in India and have almost 100% success rate.

Know If It is Feasible or Right for you to Take Up Heart Transplant Process

Before taking up with heart transplant make sure that you have taken up with all other possible treatment processes. Share your entire medical history with the cardiologist or heart-surgeon before taking up with Heart Transplant in India. It is important to answer all the questions rightly with your cardiologist. He may likely want to know:

  1. What all the therapies and processes you have undergone?
  2. Do you possess any other disease apart from heart disease? Is your lung in a healthy condition?
  3. Apart from heart and lung is any other body like liver or kidney is severely damaged?
  4. Are you addicted to any kind of drug?

Apart from a doctor, it is important for you as well as your family to check:

  1. Is it possible to treat the disease without undergoing the Heart Transplant?
  2. Will you be able to live if the Heart surgery is not carried out?
  3. What are the chances of success of the surgery?
  4. Any harmful consequences after taking up with the surgery?

It is important that a healthy conversation is up between the patient and the doctor or the family of the patient before dropping down to any final conclusion. Once you have decided that you have to take up with the surgery and it is approved by the cardiologist too, you have to prepare yourself physically and mentally.

You might have to adapt to complete change in your lifestyle. There can be a frequent diagnosis and tests, complex drug treatments, change in your food habits, a vast change in your normal routine, etc..


A person suffering from any kind of severe disease, high cholesterol, obesity, high infections is considered unfit for Heart Transplant in India. The only reason being that there are least chances of success of heart transplant in such a case.

Now, once everything is in place, the most important factor to consider is the cost of the treatment.

Frequently Asked Questions About HEART TRANSPLANT

What is the Process of Heart Transplantation?

Heart Transplant Surgery is one of the most critical advancements on a human body is performed with care and carried out in different steps. All the steps necessary for successful heart surgery are detailed as follows:

  1. Screening:
  2. The person willing to undergo the process of Heart Transplant Surgery in India is first examined by a team of medical professionals. The complete team constitutes of doctors, nurses, bioethicists, and social workers. The entire team is there to study your medical history, social history, psychological test results, and diagnosis results so that they are able to determine whether or not a person can withstand the entire medical process.

  3. Enrollment:
  4. A person who passes the screening test is then enrolled in the transplant list to be eligible for Heart Transplant in India. Once you are in the list, you will be detailed with all the conditioning and prerequisites required for carrying out the transplant successfully. The conditioning of the patient differs from one another and is personalized for everyone.

  5. Appointment:
  6. The list of Heart Transplant in India may be long and sometimes the patients may not be able to get the appointment with the desired doctors immediately. So, you may have to wait for a few weeks and sometimes more than that. Though you are under continuous medical surveillance by an expert medical team for your well being, it may be the period filled with stress & you actually need to keep yourself calm with the help of your friends and family.

  7. Treatment:
  8. Once you have the appointment, the right date for surgery is decided based on the condition of your body and availability of the doctor. Also, the donor is arranged in the meanwhile to provide a healthy heart to the patient. After the complete synchronization, the Heart Transplant in India is carried out.

  9. Rehabilitation and Recovery:
  10. Recovery after heart surgery may take some time. Maybe a few weeks to check if the heart of the patient is in proper condition after the surgery. Also, it is important to give the prescribed drugs to the patient on time. There are several physical and mental exercises carried out with the patient during this duration to ensure the overall well-being. The patient is released from the hospital only after he is physically, mentally and socially fit for getting back to normal life.

How To Choose The Right Hospital, Surgeon and Assistance for Heart Transplant in India?

People are often confused about how to choose the right hospital and doctor in a foreign country when planning medical tourism? It is the matter of one's life so it is very necessary to take this vital decision rightly.

Well, the purpose and concept of medical tourism started in order to receive the right care and treatment for yourself making no compromise with your health. So, it is really a crucial decision to decide on the Surgeon and Hospital.

If you are looking for Heart Transplant in India, you do not have to stress yourself on this factor. In India, there are best medical tourism companies like Denesa Health that provide you with the necessary assistance. Such medical tourism companies connect to you, understand and analyze your condition and serve you with the best possible options to get your treatment done in India. The medical tourism companies in India are able to help you because they are well aware of the:

  1. Best hospitals across India offering treatments at affordable rates.
  2. Talking particularly about the Heart Transplant, they are personally connected to the best cardiologists of India.
  3. Denesa Health medical tourism can get you connected personally to the cardiologists for an online consultation to discuss your issue.
  4. In case of an emergency, medical tourism companies can help you get your treatment done in the critical care unit without having to wait for your number in the transplant list.
  5. Arrange the accommodation for you and your family nearest to the hospital. It will have your time and offer you the maximum convenience.
  6. Help you to get the Visa for your medical tourism to India.
  7. Guide you with the best available hospital options for Heart Transplant in India. So that you get to acquire the treatment with all the basic amenities and comfort available within the hospital.
  8. The medical tourism company also let you know the entire cost of treatment and also make sure to get it done at a highly affordable cost.

What are the Best Hospitals for Heart Transplant In India?

It is important to choose the best hospitals in India for your Heart Transplant surgery in order to receive top-notch treatment. Best hospitals are well equipped with the use of latest technologies for carrying out the medical procedures effectively. Also, you can choose to get yourself treated from the pool of the best cardiologist's available in - hospitals for Heart Transplant in India. Some of the top considerations of hospitals for Heart Transplant in India are:

  1. Fortis Malar Hospital, Chennai.
  2. Apollo, Chennai.
  3. Global, Chennai.

Heart Transplant in India is the best choice globally because of the high success rates that are almost 100% for the heart transplantation. You can choose Denesa Health, the best medical tourism company to provide you with the right medical assistance and hassle-free arrangement for Heart Transplant in India. Hundreds of people across the globe visit India for their heart transplantation requirements and are living their second innings of the life being completely healthy and fit.

Top Hospitals for Heart Transplant

Fortis Hospital

Fortis Hospital

Multi Speciality


Apollo Hospitals

Apollo Hospitals

Multi Speciality


Gleneagles Global Health City

Gleneagles Global Health City

Multi Speciality


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Top Doctors for Heart Transplant

Dr K R Balakrishnan

Dr K R Balakrishnan

Cardiothoracic Transplant,Heart Transplant,Lung Transplant,IVF

30 years of experience , Chennai

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About Denesa Health

Who we are?

Health and Tourism can work well if you get the right assistance for places, doctors, treatment schedule, accommodation and cost of treatment involved. Do not hassle and be carefree while you are planning for your medical tourism. Denesa is here to expect the best for medical travellers. Neither the mental stress nor physical exertion is good for the patient. So, why to worry about that when your all-time medical tourism partner Denesa Health is with you be it a well-planned surgery or travel in case of emergency. Contact Denesa Health to avail of different kinds of Medical Tourism requirements. You take care of your health and focus on getting better with every day.

Our Mission:

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Our Vision:

Fronting as a leading and most trusted medical tourism service provider.

The Objective of Denesa Health:

To facilitate the patients with the best quality doctoring for their illness. We help our customers with:

  • ● Getting the exaction about the cost of treatment.
  • ● To fix an appointment with the appropriate surgeon as per the convenience at both the ends.
  • ● Helping with foreign travel and visa formalities.
  • ● Arranging for remote consultation.
  • ● Travel arrangements and booking.
  • ● Finding the nearest accommodation and food for patients and family.
  • ● Getting the treatment done at the earliest possible.
  • ● Assistance with language translators.
  • ● To accomplish all the formalities before, during and after the therapy.
  • ● Currency exchange.
  • ● Regular follow up post surgery for the recovery.

Presently, Denesa Health helps outpatient from countries including Cambodia, Kenya, Liberia, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Tanzania, Uganda, and Zimbabwe to find the excellent solution to their aids in India.

Why Denesa Health?

Denesa Health has always been a choice for medical tourism because of the highly dedicated team that works with complete dedication to assisting the personalised requirements of the sufferer.

Denesa Health can assist the customer expectation as it has a favourable association with:

  • ● 80+ Hospitals
  • ● 1000+ Doctors
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, and is continuously expanding to serve in different health realms.

We are striving at our best to connect with significant hospitals and surgeons to provide unmatched treatment for our global patients in India.