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Brain Tumor affects kids more than adults


Medulloblastoma – brain tumour – is the second most frequent condition in children, comprising nearly 14 per cent of newly-diagnosed brain tumours. It occurs in two million people per year, and affects children 10 times more than adults,” said Gleneagles Global Health City senior consultant neurosurgeon and functional neurosurgeon, Dr Nigel Symss.

He was addressing media here recently, where a four-year-old Sudan boy with medulloblastoma was treated recently.

On June 24, West Indies cricket legend Brian Lara was hastened to Mumbai’s Global Hospital as he complained of severe chest pain. He is under investigation by Dr Pravin Kulkarni, a well-known cardiologist. Brain Lara had earlier suffered from a heart attack some years ago.

He is under the care of a renowned cardiologist, Dr Pravin Kulkarni. Sources say after going through preliminary analysis and examination, he has undergone an angiography procedure, which ...

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