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Heart Bypass Surgery and Different Types of Heart Bypass Surgery


The heart is an essential part of the body responsible for pumping blood and the blood supply to other organs of the body. It plays a vital role in ensuring the stream of oxygen and nutrients to the different tissues. If there is any blockage that hinders the functioning of the heart, the cardiologists suggest for Heart Bypass Surgery.

Now, the question is, what is the path of blood to the heart? How does the blood reach the centre of the body? 

Introduction To Heart Bypass Surgery:

Well, the answer is, through coronary arteries. The is LMCA, i.e. Left Main Coronary Artery that separates into the left anterior descending artery, the circumflex artery & Right Coronary Artery. All three arteries divide into numerous branches and then supply the blood to & from the heart.

Now, if there is any disorder in the arteries, it will hinder the total supply of blood to the heart and from the heart. It is possible to solve this health condition, using Heart Bypass Surgery.

What Is Heart Bypass Surgery?

Heart Bypass Surgery or Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting is a vascular surgery that allows bypassing or rerouting a part of the body to a different section. Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery is used to treat coronary artery diseases.

In this process, the blood vessel or the blocked artery is redirected to improve the health of the patient. There are different types of Heart Bypass Surgery used to treat various coronary heart diseases. Depending on the type of surgery, Bypass Surgery Cost varies. The bypass surgery cost in India begins at USD 55,000. However, it may vary to +/- 5% depending on the bypass surgery procedure.

How Does Coronary Artery Diseases Affect The Heart?

The deposition of fatty substances on the walls of arteries leads to narrowing of the arteries. It may also lead to blockage of the arteries, which in turn affects the transfer of blood to different sections of the heart.   

The common consequences of disorders in coronary artery disorders are:

  • Chest pain.
  • Anginas.
  • Permanent heart damage and
  • Heart Attack.

Depending on the disorders and its complications, there are four main types of Heart Bypass Surgery, let us read in brief about each of them.

Types Of Heart Bypass Surgery:

The different disorders in the arteries call for different Bypass Surgery Procedure. However, the successful accomplishment of the surgery can bring the patient back to routine life. 

  • Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery:

This heart surgery helps to remove the blockages and start back the supply of blood to all the parts of the heart. For this Bypass Surgery Procedure, the doctors make use of the patient’s blood vessels to accomplish the heart bypass surgery. To obtain the best results, doctors use left internal mammary artery. It helps supply the blood to chest walls and also to the breast bones. This Heart Bypass Surgery can easily bypass LAD. 

Apart from this, the surgeon can make use of saphenous veins of the legs or the radial artery from the arm. The medical professionals can also opt for revascularisation. The bypass surgery procedure depends on the condition of the patient then the choice of doctor.

  • Conventional Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery:

The procedure for Conventional CABG is different from CABG. In this Heart Bypass Surgery, the doctors make use of connecting grafts to cure blockages in the arteries. This process involves the use of cardiopulmonary bypass; it is possible by using a heart-lung machine. 

For initiation of this Bypass Surgery Procedure, the essential requirement is to stop the functioning of the heart. The surgeons perform the surgery on a still heart. The heart-lung machine works like an artificial heart. It eliminates carbon dioxide from the blood and supplies the blood full of oxygen.

  • Off-Pump Surgery Or Beating Heart Bypass Surgery:

Unlike Conventional CABG, doctors do not need the still heart, to begin with, Bypass Surgery Procedure. It is possible to perform the surgery while the heart is beating. However, medical practitioners make use of medicine to slow down the rate of heartbeats. 

This surgical procedure can give the desired results only for the patients with single-vessel disease. Before beginning with the treatment, the surgeon first stabilises the particular portion of the heart. The successful bypass of a blocked artery requires a highly controlled environment throughout the surgical procedure.  

The surgeon performs the surgery only on the blocked portion of the heart. The remaining section continues to circulate the oxygenated blood to the rest of the body without any changes

  • Minimum Invasive Cardiac Surgery:

It is an advanced technique to perform Heart Bypass Surgery. Unlike other types of Bypass Surgery Procedure, it does not involve any cutting or splitting of the sternum or breastbone. 

It is possible to complete MICAS or MICS CABG by approaching the heart through the left side of the chest. As the name reflects, the procedure requires a small incision to perform the surgery. 

The smaller incision in the process has several benefits. The profits include:

  • Lower risk of infection.
  • Minor scar.
  • Slight pain after the surgery.
  • Minimum recovery time.
  • You have to stay for a reduced length of time in the hospital.

Minimum invasive cardiac surgery is also of various types; different procedures include:

  • Valve Surgery.
  • Epicardial Lead Placement.
  • Atrial Fibrillation.
  • Saphenous Vein harvest.
  • Direct Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery.

Bypass Surgery Procedure:

The proceedings of the surgery for each type is different. Most of the surgeons make use of endoscopic or keyhole approach. It is a port access surgery, and the surgeons gain all the assistance through video. This type of Heart Bypass Surgery involves several small incisions in the chest wall. It may be two to four incisions of 5 to 10 mm between the ribs or in the chest wall. 

It is possible to receive the image of the internal organs by placing the camera or endoscope on the incisions. The surgeon can monitor the condition by analysing the pictures on the screen and then progressing accordingly.

The main focus of CABG surgery is the placement of bi-ventricular pacemaker on the surface of the left ventricle while the minimally invasive surgery aims at atrial fibrillation.

The scientists are continuously working in the field of research to get technological advancements and obtain better surgical results. Presently, the main focus is on robotic surgical advancements. The specialised robots perform different essential steps of surgery, reducing the manual efforts and improving surgical precision.

Another Advancement In Heart Bypass Surgery Comprises Of:

  • Hybrid Coronary Bypass.
  • Coronary Stenting.
  • Alternative of Coronary Bypass Surgery.
  • Substitute for Traditional Bypass Surgery etc.

Key Information:

Apart from all the types of heart bypass surgery, discussed above; there is categorisation based on the number of bypasses. They are:

  • Double Bypass:

 It involves the operation on two arteries.

  • Triple Bypass:

The surgical procedure performed on three arteries is called triple bypass.

  • Quadruple Bypass:

Bypass Surgery Procedure on four arteries.

  • Quintuple Bypass:

The surgery on five blocked arteries.

The increased number of bypasses reflect a higher number of blockages in the arteries. It is crucial to perform the required number of detours to bring back the heart in a healthy condition.

Separately, some weight loss surgeries also fall in the category of Bypass Surgeries. The main focus of this treatment is to limit the absorption of the number of calories in the body.

Each surgery may focus on a different part of the body with a common aim of making the body fit and healthy.

Final Words:

Heart Bypass Surgery is the solution to gain back the routine life after heart failures. Most of the patients rely on heart surgeries, while others panic from undergoing the treatment.It Is because they focus more on the complexities of the Bypass Surgery Procedure.

However, if you are suffering from heart disorders, you can approach top surgeons and best hospitals in India to avail the treatment at affordablBypass Surgery Cost. 

Although, the surgeon will decide on the type of surgery and provide you with a precise quote forBypass Surgery Cost in Indi.But, it is possible only after the complete diagnosis and test results of your overall health. 

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