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  • Jan 06, 2020

How Long Does it Take To Recover After the Hip Replacement Surgery?


The Hip Replacement Recovery Time is specific to the response of the patient to the treatment. The body of an individual reacts differently to a medical procedure. It entirely depends on the age of a patient, overall health, and other medical conditions.

The ideal time for the recovery after the Hip Replacement Surgery in India is 4 to 6 weeks. It is valid for 90% of the patientsHowever, there can be minor variations in other conditions.

Continue to have a good read to know more about the aspects that vary the Hip Replacement Recovery Timeline.

Factors Affecting Hip Replacement Recovery Time:

The caregivers in the hospital assist the patients with recovery tips before the discharge. A patient who follows the suggestion of the medical team is expected to recover faster and avoid post-surgical complications. The patient who lives ideally as per the medical norms after the surgery can regain day-to-day activities within the recovery time.

Hip Replacement Recovery Time depends on the following factors:

·      Drugs and Medicines:

The patient must take all the medicines on time as per the prescription. A family member or friend can keep a notice for the same. Ignorance of medicinal intake can lead to the failure of the surgery.

·      Physiotherapy:

Hip replacement surgery involves the implantation of healthy components to remove the damaged part of the joint. The newly replaced joint may not serve you with immediate mobility. So, it is essential to seek help from physical therapies. It restores the flexibility of the joint and reduces the risk of complications. Usually, doctors suggest physical therapy for 4 to 8 weeks, depending on the diagnosis reports of the patient. To recover within a minimum span, the patient must follow the desired physiotherapy schedule.

·      Early Mobilisation:

The medical team encourages the patient to walk, sit and perform other basic activities within 24 to 48 hours. For the time, the patient remains in the hospital; the caregivers take proper note of all the things. They make the patients move from time to time. To minimise the Hip Replacement Recovery Time, the patient must follow the same schedule even after the discharge.

·      Follow-up Care:

The doctor usually makes a follow-up schedule for a Hip Replacement Patient for a duration of six to twelve months. During the follow-up appointments, the doctor performs the necessary check on the condition of the patient, to diagnose the chances of risk, if any. So, do not miss your appointment if there are any side-effects you might not notice and ultimately increase your recovery time.

Final Words:

Hip Replacement Recovery Time depends on the patient and their physical actions after the surgery. Even if the Top Orthopaedic Surgeons in India, provide you with the Best Hip Replacement Surgery, the lack of management at the patient’s end might adversely affect the results.

If you want to minimise Hip Replacement Recovery Timeline, you will have to follow an ideal lifestyle for a minimum of one to two years. Plan your diet, make an exercise schedule, and most importantly do not forget to take proper rest.

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