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  • Nov 13, 2019

Tips To Control Pain Effectively After Liver Transplantation Surgery


We cannot expect the pain to subside immediately after the surgery. Each surgical process has significant consequences. It highly depends on the overall size of the surgical incision.

Talking specifically about the Pain After Liver Transplant Surgery, you may or may not suffer the pain after the treatment. The degree of pain depends on the type of transplant and several other factors. 

Continue to read the blog to learn how you can avoid the pain after liver transplantation?

Tips and Tricks to Recover from Chronic Pain After Liver Transplant Surgery:

For active recovery from the pain, it is first essential to know what is the cause of Liver Transplant Pain. Some of the common reasons are:

  • Large incisions during the surgery
  • Poor recovery after the grafting
  • Not taking the medicines on time
  • Avoiding the instructions given by your doctor
  • Initial pain can be because of the subsiding effect of anaesthesia
  • Rejection of the newly transplanted organ by the immune system of the body

However, with the advancement of science and medicine, it is possible to subside the pain with the use of analgesics. But, the type of painkiller, delivery of analgesic and dosage depends on the needs of your body as well as the level of the pain.

Best ways to recover from Liver Transplant Pain:

  • Through Intravenous Pain Medication:

Before beginning with any complicated surgery, a catheter is inserted in the veins of the patient. It can be anywhere in your arm or hand. A catheter plays an essential role until and unless the patient can intake the medicines orally.

So, in case you suffer extreme pain after the treatment, the surgeons transfer the drugs like opioids through the catheter or Patient Controlled Analgesia. PCA is a more effective way of inducing the medications in your body as you can have control over the dosage. It is given to the patient at regular intervals until a defined period so that the pain subsides completely.

  • Nerve Block:

Nerve Block incision is the most common type of injection used after liver transplant surgery. As the pain after the surgery is confined to a particular site and does not travel to different parts of the body.

However, if it is not controlled with time, it can degrade the condition of your body; resulting in pain in several other parts.

Now, to control this pain, medical professionals make use of the local anaesthetic injection that blocks the nerve pathway that transfers the pain signals to the brain. With these injections, you get to experience a considerable relief in the part of your body suffering from pain.


Another way to get considerable relief or not at all experience the unbearable pain is to avail the surgery from an experienced team of professionals who provide effective care after the surgery also. Most of the patients across the globe, who are recommended for liver transplantation are travelling to India. It is because it is possible to get Best Liver Transplantation in India that is best in terms of results, recovery and not to forget; affordable cost.

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