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What Are The Chances Of Success For IVF Treatment ?


The Chances of Successful IVF Treatment varies from one patient to another. It is because the fertility of a woman depends on her age, number of eggs that are defined at the time of her birth, quality of eggs, properties of semen, causes of sterility and much more. With age, the ovarian reserve of the woman may elapse. The hormonal balance is preserved in women between the age of 20-30 years. Two-third of the eggs are genetically suitable up to the age of 30 years.

The fertility issues are common in a woman over the age of 35 years because only 50% of the eggs are chromosomally active then. If the women cross 40 years of age, then only 10 to 20% of the eggs are left or possibly active. After the age of 40, the chances of success of IVF treatment are lower than before that.

How Is It Possible to Determine the Success of IVF Treatment in a Patient?

Before starting with the treatment, the doctors perform several tests on the patient like a blood test, ovarian reserve test, urine tests and all other tests that are essential to check the reproductivity of the woman.

The tests are not performed only on the woman but also his partner. It is important to check whether the failure of reproduction is due to fertility problem in male or female partner.

The most important test that determines the success of IVF treatment is the result of ovarian reserve test. As it is helpful in determining the poor responder.

If the patient is poor responder, then the chances of conceiving considerably reduce. However, if the tests determine that the patient is a normal responder; then there are 90% chances that the IVF treatment will be successful.

If the results of ovarian tests are poorer, then the doctor calls the patient for counselling to know how important it is for them to have a child with their own DNA. It is because, Success Rate of IVF is very low.

However, the chances of success are not nill. You have to be mentally strong to undergo a number of attempts of IVF and keep patience. Also, you have to make up your mind for a financial drain. Though, the cost of IVF treatment in India is less in comparison to other countries of the world, but, each time you undergo the treatment you have to pay the expenses. So, the overall price until the successful accomplishment of the treatment goes very high.

Final Words:

IVF has proved to be a blessing for the patients, who are continuously trying for pregnancy, but every time they come to failure. It may result in severe depression and relationship issues in a few couples.

So, before losing hopes you must visit a gynaecologist to take an opinion for the chances of fertilisation in you. You must plan your IVF treatment in India, as the doctors here are highly experienced and the success rate is above 97%.

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